Friday, May 26, 2006

music and movados

I got this clever tasty title from what i am not listening to, and ofcourse my prized possesson of a movado, which has been worn and torn from police chases, showering with it still on, and ofcourse, dubell curling with it stillon so wrist sweat mangaes to seap through the backside.
WIth this descripton already disgusting you, I proceed to move on to more and more things which disgust me or might leave me disgusted with myself.


DO you know what it may be...??


for this i do not have much luck and I am quite grateful I do havbe luck but is very distant luck...skill or whatever you wish to call it..

one thing i know is that I should be focusing more on myself than that....but during spurts of lets call it...wait better yet...during sudden outbreaking episodes of hornimania (a 45 minute lusting, conquer and destroy mission where one is sexually atttracted to anything with 2 legs to achieve climax of ejacualtion)
I lose all sense of ocurrence value and end up doing things i don't wish to do...thank gosh for the life of a rockstar who lives with his parents
I really don't do anythign....

you might be assuming oh wow..backstage events??/ the green room??? VIP dressing room???

not really...but im just expressing whats gogin on inside that coudl eventually be outside and defintely not kosher living...'


if you are staring at her hamstrings...chances are you are not up to a "KOSHA DILL"

hahaha....i repeat once more to remind myself...

if you are staring at her HAMSTRINGS...chances are you are not
up to some "KOSHA DILLZ."

Wednesday, May 17, 2006


so at 10 in the morning which is quite early to see me I am wondering what time I will leave for the graduation tour. The more eeimportant part is that I will have to ge tback here with few hours sleep throughout the night back form baltimore. The worst part about that is not me being tired, faling asleep on the road crashing and dying, but rather driving with C Rayz Walz as he snores for hours straight. Sur,e you figure big superstars must get his their before they comes to the show in their kng size bed with feathered pillows? No. Not C rayz. He only snores with greasy flem build up through out the car rides down to these shows we play. He also looks at you while he is sleeping in a sense of keeping a conversation but he is really not. He is really sleeping with his eyes open, telling you he likes your songs, and starts twitching. He is somewhere in nYC ----I am sure he will get in contact soon...ahhh ...(hours later).....and so he reappears...the retunr of c rayz i gotta walk my dog...pick up tame one form the fucking metuchen trainstation..and have C rayz limo service get mapques to my figure thi sis all fun...but in reality I cant wait till the shwos are over!! SO rule of thumb..when one feels down..let go of everything..just be...and eat a everything (bagel with cream cheese--haha!!)

Monday, May 15, 2006

Here I am

O I spend countless night staring at this computer which is so damn old Currently, I am looking for new inspiration for my album "Kronobiggy: life chronicles." MAybe college graduation can cut it but I don't think that is to real of a topic for hip-hop. For all those who don't know, kosha dillz began his life as "kronobiggy" when he set foot into the viscious chatrooms of AOL before kosher dill evolved into the real thing at bragginrites in novemebr at 98...True story! I found myself making up my own words and here it after current street credit...we slanguicized kosher dill into kosha dillz...straight out the jar! Since dial up connection in my parents house runs rampant 24 hours a day...I wonder if lots of my patience comes from dial-up...if we all had dial-up..we might be more patient as artists....give the fact that i wait 40 minutes to hear your beat, as yall only wait 3 minutes....there it is...I cna write a song about my dial-up connection while I wait to hear a decent beat 40 minutes away...Its almost liek the tape cassette deck of computers. I remember when I got my first car cd the ford taurus....another source of inspiration for my 95 hand me down ford taurus in metallic maroon...I never took was more of a spiritual journey in that puppy... well actually more liek an illegal spiritual journey that was realized after all illegality stopped!!! haahahah and so the kronobiggy life chronicle proceeds....hip hop is in a jar of kosha dillz infront of the dial-up computer...