Wednesday, December 31, 2008




the original song is found on "The Dropping" LP by C Rayz Walz and is produced by Mr Green.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

charles Hamilton-stein + kosha dillz

I met this guy above me at Public Assembly in Brooklyn. He saw my hat and said..woah...what up? what yourname? Kosha Dillz?

spit something..thats c rayz...
and this dude is ...i thought he was crazy and like never rapped before..then I find out he is all over....I trhink thats cool how we can just link up and start spitting and sometimes I dont do stuff like that. I go to find out that Ijust watch his video now and its him that sang this song...i like it:)

its fly....good luck charles...i hope you do well!!--shoot id rock with him.

ps we need to do the orhtadox Jewish girl brooklyn remix..yeah aint nothing like a brooklyn orthadox jewish chick from crown heights..way fresher than the girls in Cue garden Hills flushing queens.

royce da 5'9 video ---oooh ahh

i canae across this offa turntable annhilists mixtape... this video is really fresh. It makes you wanna be a rapper. Shake off the bull crap and go in...

very good thing to listen to in the morning if you can't "shake off" that stuff that holds you down.


Royce Da 5'9" - "Shake This" from Three/21 Films on Vimeo.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

update on updates--marathon?

hey just gonna keep on blogging for now while a update you on how i update...
you will see new gadget and a whole new look of me. you will see lots of tour dates coming through and more cool stuff. I cant wait till my next tour becuase I havea feeling I am touring fora reason other than myself!! I watched a marathon movie yesterday called run fatboy run...and it looks like ...well im the fat boy and I need to runa marathon

i get excited with movies and all..but i seriously need to practice for 26.2 miles...shit ya know...? 26 miles in NYC is pretty far..i hope some of it is downhill...they say there is this waLL...BUT....i dont know what waLL IT CAN BE?
i am a marathon machine.

oh yeah my album is on itunes.

just go to i tunes and type my name...or

Sunday, December 14, 2008

kosha dillz and DITC, UNI, EPMD, mac lethal grieves---more?

yo man sometimes you gotta be all smiles...great shows are great but when you kick it with great rappers at the great shows...that make it better
Im all happy for it man. Im havent blogged for a while but after I end up booking myself for some sick always make me say..hey...i love blogging..lemme remind yall I've been here for aminute. and the grind is starting to pay off!!

anyways..EPMD and DITC---whata privledge to go to 2 show slike this back to back in the nyc (sunday and monday)

and i got to be on stage at both of them!!

Big L
lord finesse
diamond d
psycho les of the beatnute
folk and stress UNI

all the homies...wha a great combo..
(not I am not homeis with DITC EPMD--but parish smith is cool as hell and some whack dude that rolled with DIAMOND D totally blocke dme from gettin his math--his distant cousin who writes songs for chrsitan aguiliera stunt double or something)

i jsut realized whileim typing thisblog..i need to be going to the mac lethal show..with grieves..and soulcrates...
wow...what aweird blog..uni--epmd..ditc---mac lethal..grieves...

thi is not typical..these are just the shows im going too!!

see yall soon...stay tuned!

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

yak ballz dirt empire video produced by Aesop Rock

here is a video that teaches you not to eat too much dirt..i think its pretty cool!!

word. I don;t why anyone would eat so much dirt...

were all programmed i gues it suggests...

yak ballz myspace

you can buy scifentology II if you havent gotten it yet..!! woot woot

Thursday, December 04, 2008

hipster olympics

one day if i lose enough weight id love to sign up for this stuff..y aknow???

shoot!! enjoy your quest for the gold..and as always...kosha dilzlison itunes

thats te ultimate goal of you watching these videos..op into my brain of boredom and support my joy:)

soi can earn 10 cent forevery doollar you spend..and use my enbglish major to spell right in every blog!!

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

asher roth in the old days..!!

i like seeing that this guy puts in work...lotta people..hate..i say thats a mistake!

college looks fun right..its been a

i must be emo

i came across in my latest youtube adventures..i think its quite entertaining..i try to hope and be like this one time

and we should spell like as liek from now on

jew-no....yeah the movie

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