Tuesday, December 23, 2008

charles Hamilton-stein + kosha dillz

I met this guy above me at Public Assembly in Brooklyn. He saw my hat and said..woah...what up? what yourname? Kosha Dillz?

spit something..thats c rayz...
and this dude is like..cool ...i thought he was crazy and like never rapped before..then I find out he is all over....I trhink thats cool how we can just link up and start spitting and sometimes I dont do stuff like that. I go to find out that Ijust watch his video now and its him that sang this song...i like it:)

its fly....good luck charles...i hope you do well!!--shoot id rock with him.

ps we need to do the orhtadox Jewish girl brooklyn remix..yeah aint nothing like a brooklyn orthadox jewish chick from crown heights..way fresher than the girls in Cue garden Hills flushing queens.

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