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The Drugs Lists
By Spin Staff 06.26.03 3:00 AM

Ten Songs You Shouldn't Put on Your Friend's Good-bye Mix CD If He's Going Off to Rehab

"Cigarettes & Alcohol" Oasis
"Gin & Juice" Snoop Dogg
"Sorted for E's & Wizz" Pulp
"Who's Got the Crack" the Moldy Peaches
"Heroin" the Velvet Underground
"Purple Pills" D12
"I'm Your Pusher" Ice-T
"Drug Drug Druggy" Manic Street Preachers
"My Drug Buddy" the Lemonheads
"Let's Go Get Stoned" Ray Charles

The Five Most Coked-Up Songs Ever

"Cocaine," Eric Clapton
"White Horse," Laid Back
"Lit Up," Buckcherry
Every track on The Eagles' Hotel California
Every track on Fleetwood Mac's Tusk

Ten Things Believed Only by Stoners

The Black Crowes' Amorica is just an all-around stellar album.
Kyuss was the most important band of the '90s.
Valerie Bertinelli is so hot--and also so lucky.
The Clash should have made even more reggae songs.
Hendrix's "If 6 Was 9" is not only awesome, but also so true.
Quadrophenia is completely biblical.
The guitars on My Bloody Valentine's Loveless sound like whales having sex--and those whales are totally high.
That kid from the Streets is like Dylan or Lennon or something.
"The Man" is out to stomp on not only our buzz but also our right to download loosely executed songs featuring hand drums.
The Chronic is the best hip-hop album of 2002.

Top Five Alcoholic Beverages You'll Find in a Rapper's Dressing Room

Grey Goose

Top Five Alcoholic Beverages You'll Find in a Rocker's Dressing Room

Jack Daniel's
Wild Turkey
What the club gives you drink tickets for

Top Ten Reggae Songs About Kind Bud

"Legalize It," Peter Tosh

"One Draw," Rita Marley
"Macka Splaff," Steel Pulse
"Free Up the Weed," Lee Perry
"African Herbsman," Bob Marley
"Just a Little Herb," Aswad
"Let Me Blow My Smoke," the Ethiopians
"Ganja Smuggling," Eek-A-Mouse
"Good Load of Herb," Sizzla
"Legalize the Herb," Ninjaman

Things Ravers Do on Drugs

Explore K-holes, fall down, grab head in pain
Blow through Vicks inhaler tubes into one another's eyeballs (don't ask)
Wear big pants, grind teeth
Liquid dance
Exchange back rubs, go into cardiac arrest

Things Ravers Say on Drugs

"I'm mad old-school."

"I love you so much--Can I have another bump?"
"Do you have a pen cap or a key I can borrow?"
"Wow, Digweed doesn't sound like shit anymore!"
"And I mean, it's like we're all linked together on the inside. Like we're bound together by this beat, and--oh shit--I gotta puke!"

Prescription Drugs Rock Stars Enjoy (Or, Six Things Found in Elvis' Stomach When He Died)


Most Poignant Eulogy Ever for a Drug-Related Death:
"Somebody was jumping up and down on his fuckin' knob in a hotel room in Las Vegas, charlie'd off his tits! Fuckin' respect, man!" --Noel Gallagher on late Who bassist John Entwistle, who died of a cocaine-related heart attack in 2002

Artists Who Have Used Heroin....And Later OD'd

Kurt Cobain

Sid Vicious
Dee Dee Ramone
Layne Staley
John Frusciante
Scott Weiland
Brad Nowell (Sublime)
Marianne Faithfull

Songs You Want to Hear in Relation to How Many Beers You've Had
1 beer: "Get the Party Started," Pink
2 beers: "Last Nite," the Strokes
3 beers: "Gin & Juice," Snoop Dogg
4 beers: "24 Hour Party People," Happy Mondays
5 beers: "Electric Avenue," Eddy Grant
v 6 beers: "Baby Got Back," Sir Mix-A-Lot
7 beers: "Panama," Van Halen
8 beers: "Any Way You Want It," Journey
9 beers: "Piano Man," Billy Joel
10 beers: "Sweet Home Alabama," Lynyrd Skynyrd
11 beers: "Sweet Home Alabama," Lynyrd Skynyrd
12 beers: "Sweet Home Alabama," Lynyrd Skynyrd
13 beers: "Tuesday's Gone," Lynyrd Skynyrd
14 beers: "I'll Never Get Out of This World Alive," Hank Williams

Five Anti-Heroin Songs That Unintentionally Romanticize Heroin

"Bad," U2

"The Needle and the Damage Done," Neil Young

"Cold Turkey," John Lennon

"Three Days," Jane's Addiction

"Sister Morphine," Marianne Faithfull

Five Examples of Inventive Drug Use

"Sippin' on Some Syrup," Three 6 Mafia (cough medicine)
"Strap on That Jammy Pac," Ween (Scotchgard)
"Canned Heat Blues," Tommy Johnson (Sterno)
"Now I Wanna Sniff Some Glue," Ramones

"Carbona Not Glue," older and wiser Ramones (cleaning fluid)

Albums You're Most Likely to Hear at a Laser Show

II, Led Zeppelin
IV, Led Zeppelin
The Dark Side of the Moon, Pink Floyd
Yessongs, Yes
OK Computer, Radiohead
2112, Rush
Quadrophenia, the Who
Aqualung, Jethro Tull
A Night at the Opera, Queen
Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating in Space, Spiritualized

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Im not sure how this is any directly relates to hip hop and halloween, but it sure would be cool to get some music on this channel. Lets hope we can get some stuff up here. These hicks ust crack me up and here at Everyone is Jewish,
it just porves to show you how far we will go to show you that yes....Everyone is jewish Shout out to Aba on this one for the hook up.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Kosha dillz and C Rayz Walz in November 08 Spin Magazine 2

Yezzir, we got in SPIN Magazine and if you can't read that it says, "The unlikely combo of African American Indie Vet and Israeli American Newbie results in a hilarious kosher wig flip of Biz Markie's just a friend. Challah!" -SPIN"
grab the "Freestyle Vs. Written" album now from iTunes (here) or off the Modular site (here). Or you could get 1990's on it and leave your computer to pick it up in stores!

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KD_ ok..Dony Goines is one of the few artists who I am interested in hearing. I m not so much familiar with his music. But he is a nice guy and is headed the same place Im gogin to...."the top" I like it that I dont know someons music but i still know him. That means he got it.

besides the fact that lots of prappa the rappas are using first and last names...his is a mix between hard work and dedication...while other names are a mix between being corn balls and not really as rich as their name sounds. enjoy the read. Oh snap ...he'll be on MTV 2...thats dope. Thats what I want. I actually want a grammy, but hey...I think if you havea video in rotation you get invited at least.

Read Read Read!

Every artist wants it. Donnie Goines has it. The “it” in this case is buzz and I know Goines has it because I’d heard, or read, his name over two dozen times before I’d ever met the man. Whether it was emails, YouTube clips, or songs, everywhere I was turning there was something with Donny Goines’ name attached to it. A little over a month ago we finally bumped into each other at a show at The Knitting Factory. We spoke for a while about all things Hip-Hop and the hustle it takes to get on. The conversation was fantastic, which is why I decided to sit down with him again to let him share some of those words of wisdom with everyone. Along the way we also discussed his own career and how he’s worked his way to being such a talked about emcee.

Adam Bernard: Start everyone off with some basic background info. Who is Donny Goines, where is he from and what have some of his previous projects been?
Donny Goines: Well, Donny Goines is just like you. I'm an ordinary person that's trying to do extraordinary things. Many people know me from many of my previous projects such as The Excerpt Pg. 1, About the Author, and Off the Books, just to name a few, but I do many different things. I blog and do various things besides music. I just work hard to get where I'm going.

Adam Bernard: You have a lot going on; let's start with the musical aspect of things. What kind of an emcee is Donny Goines? What can people expect when he steps up to the mic and rhymes?
Donny Goines: I am a very truthful MC, if I could categorize it one way. I am very candid and wear my heart on my sleeve. I don't pull any punches and I really just speak on things that are true to me. When most people listen to my music the first thing they tell me is "I can relate," and that's exactly what I try to do, create music that reaches people just like myself. I don't party with millionaires, nor associate with the rich. I am at the bottom right now, where the majority lies, and that's what you can expect to hear from me, music from that perspective.

Adam Bernard: Your name has been everywhere I turn as of late. Talk to me about your hustle and how it's evolved over the years.
Donny Goines: My personal motto is "If you don't know my name I'm not working hard enough," and I live by those words. I make sure that my name is spoken or mentioned often and I don't slack at all when it comes to my hustle. The day of this interview for instance, I got up and filmed for a new blog I'm going to premier soon. Now I’m doing this interview with you. Next I'm going to film a final episode for another blog and then go perform at S.O.Bs. Not to mention my single will be debuting on MTV2 today, so that gives you an idea of how hard I work.

Adam Bernard: I don't know if you want to help the knuckleheads out, but in the event that you do, hit me with some of the most common mistakes you see artists making in regards to their hustle?
Donny Goines: False Sense of Entitlement. Simply put, many artists believe that if they make a song that you, the bloggers and writers, are supposed to post it. They may feel because they have a video out it should be on BET, or their single should be spinning on Hot97, but the truth is it doesn't work that way. You have to earn your spot and this game is not for the lazy types. At the end of the day artists who really want to make it will just shut up, work hard and reap the benefits. Others will have a nine to five soon.

Adam Bernard: You mentioned earlier you’re involved in the world of blogging. Talk to me about that.
Donny Goines: Yes, I love to write, hence the stage name. {laughs} I am an avid blogger. I have many published columns on various websites. It's just something that's second nature to me. The reason why I think I am a good artist is because music just flows through me. It's the same exact thing with words. I have always loved to read and write so I am well versed in the English language and this is a big reason why I blog so much. I just love to write.

Adam Bernard: Can everything you do be merged, and if so, how?
Donny Goines: Yes and no. I believe that all my endeavors can be under one umbrella, but it takes a very strong support system to do so. I have a management team, publicist, assistant, video director/photographer, etc. and these people help me to keep everything in its place. As time moves on I will start to blend my music with my charity efforts and other ventures that I will pursue. Certain things, though, I believe can not be integrated. Personal aspects of my life, which can't be shared with the public, won’t be merged with my movement. Furthermore, I believe that certain things need to be separate from music at times. Let's say if I wanted to start a clothing company, honestly, I probably wouldn't intertwine my music into it because I feel as if those are two entirely different things. Sometimes it’s good to separate.

Adam Bernard: What do you have on tap for us next?
Donny Goines: Minute After Midnight. My official debut album. It is being mixed and mastered as we speak and will drop in December. This project will serve as a great introduction of me to a larger audience and I think many people will enjoy it. It's Executive Produced by Dame Grease (DMX, Freeway, Jay Z, The Clipse, etc.) and features production from Statik Selektah, M Phazes, Apple Juice Kid, Dubb Z and DJ Snips. My girl Tess is also singing in a couple of hooks. Look out for that one.

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Saturday, October 25, 2008


what sup yall.

I had the privledge last night of going out to the spot of chilling @ south paw for CMJ.

Super phenomenon cats U-N-I, who supposedly won some award were not only as hell..but two..talented as hell (and we all know the talent of "hell")

they also had a nice girl fan presence (or atleast they became fans) and some cool characters rolling with them. Vimby was totally in the house filming so im Happy that they got the hook ups. shout to Ann the fly camera superwo-man.

I met mibbs from PAcific Division and told him about the clothing line i used to wear called pacific ocean....but i think he thought i was crazy...and I then...i realize now its pacific sunwear...


whata dope time...the LA cats stole the show. From what I see as performers.

I also met Folk and Stress...yeah man...these kids gotta positive head on thier hsoulders and are not afraid to admit that they like the other artists in the scene.
I think thats cool. But hey, I ofcourse only know whats cool.

buy my new album and buy everyone elses too.
but you can defintely buy my stuff off i tunes for now...good look finding the link:)


kosha dillz

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

big bro..stuff...yep..the knux!!

met these fellas in SXSW. They gavea performance that blew me away. i also think they blew cool kids out of the water. ANyways who cares...everyone is friends and theyre all conquering the same market.


enjoy them..and true story...i do like a cappucino witha mocha twist every once in a while. I actually starting drinking mochas ever since that song came out.

Monday, October 20, 2008

blog #54 where are you?

hahah...i bet you remember that 54...where ar eyou
the great thing about dc is that when you park by my mans crib...vik
you like have to get up and get our car and move itso you dont get a ticket.
my indian friend gets me tea with milk and explains how india is real don of this tea game...and all you UK tea sippers need to fall back

real recognize real

india runs the tea game and all you wanna be cricket players need to fall back

in other news
Colin Powel endorsed Obama and the washington post
is going banana clips.

who knows who will win....but hey...what can i do except vote for the one who is the best.

like i #54 where are you...

oh supposed to plug my new album..and for you guys to go and buy it..!!

in othernews...shady
ish in israeli is going down...
"haam im hagolan"
"we are with the golan"

dont be shAdy like our politics:)

take note in history...
(why we dont give land back)

Syria Used Golan to Attack Israel
Between 1946 and 1967, the Golan was a part of Syria, which used it for years to systematically shell and attack Israel's eastern Galilee towns below. Some 140 Israelis were killed in these attacks, many more were injured, and heavy property damage was also inflicted. In the Six Day War of 1967, Israel succeeded in liberating the area, thus freeing northern Israel of the Syrian threat - and recovering an area rich in Jewish history. Israel officially annexed the Golan in 1981, and over the years, built 33 Jewish communities, including the full-fledged town of Katzrin.

check out kosha dillz on itunes!!


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Indie hip-hop icon C-Rayz Walz teams up with fresh-faced, yeshiva-trained wordsmith Kosha Dillz for twelve tracks that mix freestyle and written rhymes, classic and new-school beats, and the frantic, fast-paced energy of a single, manic 24-hour recording session to produce, yes, "Freestyle Vs. Written," the first collaboration of its type. CMJ writes, ".. it's both a statement of cultural solidarity and creative open-mindedness."

It's an album that breaks borders and pushes boundaries. Songs like "I Love Jews" and "Ariel Sharon" are packed with classic hip rock samples and party moving sounds. Boasting collaborations with Murs, Matisyahu and MF Doom between them, and gracing the covers of magazines such as Entertainment Weekly and Source Magazine and spots on MTV, the two artists are ready to take the world by storm.

This soon-to-be-classic record was produced entirely by, 19-year-old Kentron Da Mastadon, who challenges the hip hop mold, armed with an MP of psychedelic rock riffs and jazz chops weaving the perfect backdrop for this Jerusalem Zionist-meets-Black Bronx ghetto aesthetic.

* 10% of all proceeds will be donated to Netivot Israel Louna Terror Victim Fund and to the Foundation for Ethnic Understanding, an organization dedicated to strengthening relations between ethnic communities, headed by Russell Simmons and Rabbi Marc Schneier.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


hey its october 14th...

we hada release show..not really but hey it was in south dakota..therer were lots of me and truth and adapt
and MURS
and Kidz in the HALL and all kinds of fun people..yeah..after mucho driving through kansas city and all of it srain. I got to the venue to meet my homie eboli to DJ...a GREAT TIME
lETS SEE my release party (in south dakota..yep freestyle vs written came out to day!!) and ..more...umm...i really wanna show you this illegal video..with illegal activity.

i just wanna support them and their video..check out this hardwork and give the a comment here also.

truth and adapt myspace

Sunday, October 12, 2008

blog #50 a milestone from Sioux City-a weird time

so here..the middle of nowhere tour #1 meth town in the USA

its pretty crazy...i must say.

everyone is nice but like too drunk. Mankato was a messy drunkard brawl and anxiety has been small.except route 60 was blocked all over the place. I ended up in many gas stations and my ratio of selling random cds have been great.

10 dollars in Iowa and 10 dollars at a diner...

its a always good showing to know you can sell in basic conversation.

why not ask them if they want to be down.

in my adventures, i choose to be daring. i have found a liking to a young fella in Sioux city and want to help him gt out of this g-d forsaken city. Hopefully he will succeed like my therapist without her mama. he had a mom who overdosed and the drug spots are so corny..but don't sleep on the Midwest..these are weird gangstas who seem to sell drugs and blast weird down south music...the whit people are scary..ask me if I'm a Jew..and then keep moving..


don't shoot me with needles...and crystal rocks..

let me blog my 50 th blog..

thank you from Sioux city caribou coffee house!!

<3 kosha

in his spare time kosha travels the world and raps because it is his passion, and also obsesses about spelling and losing ten pounds before he travels again, every time he travels

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Obama is Jewish. Not really. the great schlep

The Great Schlep from The Great Schlep on Vimeo.

The great schlep.
here guys, you can see that the hottest jewish chick ever Sarah Silverman, will take her stance against...sara palin..

and my mentality of non stop promo says register t vote....

for kosha dillz ofcourse too.

so what does everyone think about this video??

Monday, October 06, 2008

Hey Sue just sew me,sue me,sioux me? HIP HOP WORD PLAY

hey everyone...we all love word play in hip hop. People play off things like "hey that's money,money" (hey that physical greatness or actual money, mister)
Hey that's NACHO CHEESE (not your cheese, symbolizing money)
Other words such as CHAMP come in to mind. I am the "champ" of a spot, and I also "champ" a black and mild cigar. (<----famous cigars in hip hop, next to dutch master and Philly cigars)

Today I have decided to use the girl SUE. Please follow my rhyme. She expands far into the rhyme.

I met this girl named SUE.

what koinkydink certain times of craziness, one may get SUED!

That is going to court to SUE someone.

Now if you rip clothes up... some one will SEW them back together.

If you are on tour next week and your name is KOSHA DILLZ you will be in SIOUX CITY.

hey that's me!

if you didn't know how to rap...well hey..borrow mine guys:)show it off to your friends at school.
be sure to check sites and order some cool stuff from kosha dillz:)

In his spare time kosha dillz likes to eat at Perkins for breakfast, walk his dog Arnold and figure out ways to take over the world one blog at a time while from his parents new couch

Thursday, October 02, 2008

out on tour with kosha dillz in NJ-yak and game??

enjoy the new music guys...ts advenutres with watch me in my new shirt!! cute!

i was also with this guy...yak ballz! with the GAME?? whoah! bounce