Wednesday, August 27, 2008

duluth minnesota yo

hey man wha a day to be day was yesterday and I celebrated by crossing over in a six hour ride to duluth from sioux falls south dakota...for sure man...
yeah ...i cant believe thats where my stuff would be man.

so i wanted to show some pics and what not and you tube videos for you guys to see how cool i am...

like soooo cool....all there is though is craziness...because like yeah...thats what it with adventures of kosha dillz...

here i am at the abbey pub:)

i got more cool stuff coming so dont you worry...we just gotta haul bootie out this hotel room in duluth becuase well get fined:)

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Kosha On The Couch Columbus:)

hey everyone....Life is but a dream. I sweated off a good two pounds on stage last night and had my frist near perfect set with yak ballz as the hype guy.

If you think about funny cultural advancement, We might be the first Iranian-Israeli team that doesn't give a fudge pop about all that stuff...more funny stuff...
political jokers would gasp that the Jewish kid is backing up the persian?

i think its cool..all though we don't care anyways. yeah leh bleh..i don care...
bleh bleh (inside joke-now I'm rich)

OK so in columbus i met with my friend Stephanie and she is super fly Lexus style. Last night for shabbos after the show we ate challah bread she baked for me so when I got home we killed the challah bread. That's why the heading of the blog is challah bread.

i though this morning when i have these shows coming up, that i really want to have a stronger set. yak's set is so tight that I just feel this year is gonna be a step up...anyways. We definitely know how to rock it...just look for yourself!!

peep more tour flics at

in the picture section.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

touring with aesop rock>--o

hey guys i know you want pictures and all but its 4 45 am and im in a remote basement somewhere in maryland. we just rocked philly ct boston And more. Its a great experience so far and I just love the way it settles in a human in this outerbody experience of rap, or as F sean says, avoiding real life.!

all i can say is this as a tip for most of your people, sleeping is a great tool of rest.staying awake isn't.
i got to say that when I have chance ill give pictures but watching none shall pass behind

the philly crowd is an experience that cant be captured on film...'

i guess thats whats up for a recap. Today was fun with chinese food after the show..i was also given 12 knee socks pairs.

you know I might be able to off those in e bay.

but i really need knee socks..

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

kosha dillz doesnt stop...the work goes on!!

hey everyone I gotta show you my updates to the masses and let you know the tour is in full gear....updates will be here every day...

the tour.

yak ballz
kosha dillz
todd westphal (photographer)

well be gogin on tour with the guy above in that picture, Aesop Rock of Def Jux

yeha man...its on like donkey can check us out...

anyways...i got stickers buttons, mix tapes, album pres copies and actual albums coming in hard!

tee shirts and all that!!!

I hope you stay tuned and watch for details...

there will also be blogs on and


ok enough plugs...

zap you later allied gators!!

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

new article + elementary school street cred

click your mouse on the count of three.

The above site helps you look about what involves my past life and what my current situation is. I know what you are thinking.

I am so cool. no
I am so gangster. no.
I am a reformed gangster turned law abiding rapper and drug free MC that likes grape juice on fridays.

not much for street cred. Oh well. Atleast I dress cool for the elementary school kids. They love me so much they'll even strike a pose

nahh mean? We still posin like gangstas for the flic. Lunch break all day! you already know!

kosha dillz is a college graduate who ed-jew-cakes off the society which so desires his guidance

Monday, August 04, 2008

c rayz walz is the Freestyle

some people know I have an LP with C RAYZ he is with a acting cameo from fellow stronghold member Suave Sever.

Lemme know whats up. Lemme know what you think!!

This is the best freestyle (with agression) he has spit in a long time....!

his new LP with me (kosh adillz) will be available on aug 2th i tunes/oct 14th in stores.

Sunday, August 03, 2008

needed vacation to Israel

What better place to go to on a vacation. Sometimes we work so hard in this music business, we forget that the resting part can help us more than hurt us. You don't want to end up like this guy, washed up ashore, because you worked to hard.

To me, vacation is investment. Relaxation is necessary. People pay tons to relax. Look at those Chinese massage chairs in the mall. Ten dollars for ten minutes. My back at this point is stiff as a mother
(and you know mom can be stiff)

I plan on going to Israel to relax and revitalize in my country's sun. I love the sweat i endure there, the sea water, and the dead sea as well. The air is clean and not new Jersey. i walk in sandals the whole time and my feet get tan. I come back home and I am bronzed for a grueling one month fall tour to support the new LP and the album release on September 10Th at the knitting factory. For my first release, i want to come form the Holy Land. 1400 fora ticket, but my Sapta (grand-ma) will never forget that i came to visit her and relax in the sun of Eretz Yisroel.