Wednesday, July 30, 2008


peace everybody. In the middle east for that matter. Now music has been done in many ways. I mean it has been done in Hebrew, Arabic, Indie hipster language, and dirty south with a clean mouth.(<----I made that one up, bad joke I know)
Today a dedication goes to this guy called DIWON...
check out the JAH IS ONE streaming on his page. Its the first song! Mosh Ben Ari status. I'm sure you Jews and Israelis all know who he is!

check this guy out and try not dancing while your face is glued to your work screen. Tell em Kosha Dillz made ya do it.

for more advice on what to listen to, first listen to kosha's music and the art of
his Freestyle vs Written rhymes.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008



hosted by FLEX MATHEWS (DC)


the album cover

"album of the year"- c rayz walz

Friday, July 25, 2008

vermont maple syrup and rapping bugs??

Oh yes...I just seen a bug outside by the table and managed to catch it while i was thinking about this rapper I know from Vermont. Which makes you wonder...

what am I doing with this friggin bug!

anyways...back to Vermont maple syrup and rappers
no wait i gotta eat some of this dead bug my dead bug collection of bug nuts!

SO NOW..that I am all tasty and ready to represent on your Jewish asses, check out this Vermont maple syrup rapper. One..he is Jewish. Two he is from NJ ( i think or NY) and he doesn't sound like he is from VERMONT (NOT a BAD THING IF YOU DO)

He tours to other weird places like New Hampshire and MAssa-Jew-setts and Jew York and Jew jersey even.

Now that I ate all these bugs and I'm listening to his music...i guess I'm feeling a little "BUGGED OUT."

regardless he has a mix tape with this black guy who is really Jewish..On and On..
and it has a guy named Planet Asia on it.

Bugs, Vermont Rappers, maple syrup, Jewish black DJs, and the planet is now only Asia.

what does it all mean? in the words of pee wee Herman. "I DOOOOOOOOOONT KNOOOOW!"
well it certainly is all exciting. like eating bugs!

check out the inspiration to this post.

that means growth till death
goblins talk dirka
gary tags danny
gefiltafish team dish
gong tuna diver
google tony danza get the point!!! you can buy his CD at this store

if you want to BUG OUT with Kosha Dillz, check him at these sites with cool bug like music..with a sweet Vermont maple syrup taste of his style. check him out by clicking on his links below!

oh yeah im soo cool in this interview!! KOSHA DILLZ loves buckets of change

check it out yo..its like a TV within a TV...

RUBY HORNET just got done interviewing fat joe and theydecided I was a good person to follow up on his platinum chain wearing status...

bling bling. You know already know!!

go kosha go!

please mind the fact that I love long blog titles. I get carried away!

for more weird music and rapping and places you can give me your $$$.
go to

and my new LP drops with C Rayz august 26th (i tunes)
October 14th (retail)

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Jews in Space!!! the mixtape coming soon

Jews in space..protecting the Hebrew race...put a 45 mac in your face!!


DJ j -ronin

for great Jews in space like attitudes and other oxygen deficient music, check out this Jew in space at this myspace

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Murs for President--kosha for cabinet

Murs EPK from on Vimeo.

sometimes you see people work hard and sometimes you see people in your journey along the way. I met Murs at my set in SXSW and also at Paid Dues in NYC. I gave him a shirt and maybe when I see him next time we will see each other again. And then I'l see him again and give him another pound. And thats basically it. He respects the grind. Thank G-d! He ddn't say much. Kinda better that way. He says a lot in this video above. juat watch and listen.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Brooklyn hip Hop Festival Recap

Yeah I know I need to brush my teeth, but hey...its the BK HIP HOP FESTIVAL!!! I want to spit HOT FIRE!!! SO MUCH HOT FIRE!! Ill need grillz like this guy below me...bling bling!

kosha grillz part II ...i guess everyone is really happy to see me!!!

J the Arch is holding it down thoroughly with the Jews @ the bk hip hop festival, educating them and what not and what is really hood..Knishes Lox and all that...after explaining the food blog by our friendly bright shirted connoisseur,
we decided that our relationship will expand. J arch + kosha dillz are..ghetto knishes

yeah hat is Keith Murray. No he is not a Nazi, although its the first thing that it actually looks like. There were lots of Jews here today in his surprise mash pit @ South Paw after platinum pied pipers rocked. If you dont know about that, check out Wajeed and the Bling47 group. (that sounds really illy financial status advisor or something right? The bling47 group along with kosha dillz
anyways Keith Murray is legendary. BTW, he is the best live hip hop acts I have seen in 2008. Big ups to Radix, i thin they're gogin on tour with him. That's a great looks.
hhhaa..He smacked some kid in the head last night. I just remembered that.

what a beautiful night. Too bad every girl I wanted to hold hands with was Catholic.
How do I know? I asked every girl sitting on the bench ... while they were with their BFs.LOL..a little bit weird I know.

even though his knee hurts he can still make a cool rapper face about his daily produce...yep...FRESH DAILY.

PACK FM on stage with a JEW...taking a picture...(that me taking on of him) while people are partying with Keith Murray.

Wow many superstars to be seen. It was a day of fun, grace, unity and legends of our own backyard. For any emcee or producer, you should be ashamed if you weren't there! ( a necessity to be seen at event like this )
Everyone you can imagine was there from DJ Premier to KRS One.
Buckshot and jeru da Damaja were there.
Invincible was there rocking the after party. Lil Sci was chilling in the crowd filing the ever so energetic set of buckshot.

I met Akir for the first time and congratulation to his new boy! (You got a good rapper as a father!)

So i wandered back to the spot where there were really pretty black girls and some flashy kats with dreads and clipboards. Its weird to see these guys because as an artist yo think...hey look at these guys, with a fake Source mag thing.

There was a dope rapper who was well dressed. his last rhyme also did not rhyme at all and it was still a punch line. I'm not sure what he said, but i also figured out it was Mickey Factz. He is pretty popular. He rocked the festival and after he got of he went right over to get on it.!

oh yeah did i mention...h kep s KOSHER and celebrates PESACH (Passover) mAZEL tOV mICKEY fACTZ!!! that sounds like his new name. Mazel Tov Mickey. I should make him a shirt that says that!

Friday, July 11, 2008

couch surfing preparation

whats up party people. As you know, I am a connoisseur of couch surfing and more of a renegading art of the touring artist specifically i am think of just sleeping on couches anywhere or actually just starting a tv show called "nap anywhere." the gist of it will be on TV getting filmed for 45 seconds napping the weirdest of places. LA , NJ, Walgreen's, banks, job interviews, etc.

anyways...that's another story. But i wanna show you where I warm up..! (note the amazing couch above, with ribbed (pronounced-rib-bed) pillows and soft cushion accompanied by a Autumn floral design. She is wonderful.

*Aba doesn't like me working out over night. This should be noted that if you choose to warm up for your couch surfing please do so in the day time so you DO NOT waste your bed at home.

for more great info on cities where KOSHA DILLZ will be COUCH SURFINGcheck his myspace page at or

Thursday, July 10, 2008

chicago taxi cabs a jew

check out the flavor of a chicago taxi too much info i know.

for more cool music like this in the back of the cab...just check out right here

oy vey all day

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Opio runs the show with joy-make a Jew go Oy

check it out ya ll. I had the utmost highest privilege of checking out the super ill fresh funky amazing Opio of Souls of Mischief three times in my life. The first time was at a show in Nashville.

April 13th 2007 Nashville
kills it. We didn't talk much.

February 22/23rd Denver kills it. i met him after the show at the bar down the treet with A plus.

February 24th i swear...boulder...he kills it...but according to him I kill it too..

My plan was this. I heard they were at the Marquis Theatre so I rolled up and paid to get in. I meet Tajai and holler at him and he gives me the go ahead to roll ot he next show. So i show up early. We chop it up about a couch surfing book. Next thing you know, I got the go ahead!
I managed to get a 20 minute set and on stage with Legendary rhymesayer MUSAB. Opio said to me "Yo man, you made my night."

800 people screaming for him and his crew. Hiero shuts the whole show down.Let me tell you I'm from the east coast in New Jersey so we don't see a ill west coast crew shut it down like this in colorado ever. And yet still, a man this humble can roll up on you and say such a thing.

OK now why would i make you bug about this story? no reason. But the significance of me rocking on their show (and MUSAB invites me on stage to rock with him) after having the balls to go across the USA and just meeting Tajai the night before in Denver was a really good look. I sold enough merch that night to get me to Utah. Later that night, a drunk patron smashed in my car (tour pathfinder) in a snowstorm and i had to get to Utah with an 8 hour drive.(by myself) his album is out July 15Th in stores. I don't want to review his music. I want to tell all the thousands of readers that humble respect for an up and comer like me will definitely win my vote for Opio any day. The opportunity to get into the show and witness how big shows are done was even great. The opportunity to tell you that his live performance will blow away his CD and it just got perfect reviews and the cover of Myspace.

now try to envision this.
this is what underground music is all about. Independent handshakes are to be cherished because just a few months ago we were there (Boulder, Colorado) and now we are here (album release on cover of myspace!). Unforgettable moments in hip hop history. An artist wins when he lets us win with him too. That's what Opio does. He lets us win with him.

Ya'll helped me do what I do...and you will continue to help others.

oh yeah buy all his merch on tour.Tell him Kosha Dillz sent ya. Oy Vey All Day.

peep the whole click in a city near you.

links that will change your life


i thought muslims dont smoke

In accordance with the Koran muslims aren't suposed to smoke. I guess we all have our faults. Just ask the president of Iran.

look at the dialogue they have face to face

Gorilla: Before we smoke you Americans and Israel , we will first purchase over $200 million dollars of your ciggarettes!
oh yeah!give me my aircraft carrier so i can destory you! I mean...destroy you! American Coward!!

George Bush: shut up ya big monkey..ciggarettes are bad for ya big monkey oil butt. Mahmoud doesnt it say in the Torah that you cant have ciggarettes?

Ariel Ben Sharon: Oy va Voi! George mapi-tom metum-tam!(Hebrew translation: what are you talking about you idiot) why dont you ever listen! I told you before my coma that Jews read the Torah and Muslims read the Koran!

for other cute comic strips that expose the idiot inside our beloved country who fights so dear for ciggarette sales! check out Kosha Dillz here
and here.

icon the mic yid and-jew hawk/fros

yeah man we keeps it crazy tight on this bliggity blog with icon the mic king hitting me on the other anyways..i had just posted something cool about peeps with Jew fros and Poison pen made great combination with jew fros for the shot.

so here is my buddy icon staring at the lovely Yarah Bravos Jew fro ( i am so jealous..she is super fly) with a sick puffy poofy hair on stage. frowing it out to on some napoleon dynamite style...but my jew hawk aint all that...

so below check out some great hairdoos (is that spelt right) of some great rappers that make lots of underground rap money, worldwide.

"super model work..turn to the you thing on the runway--shante shante!"--ru paul
maybe some more look a likes??

a Halloween Jew fro with bling star of david pictured above while straight haired Blondie girl looks in awe..

i gotta say I'm not sure how icon the mic king came into this appraised and beloved article, but I see that his attachement to he culture of how yarah bravo got her fro in to a Jew fro blog with not much to show for Jew fros definitley deserves a link.

free autographs to all your jewfros at the next Icon the Mic Yid show in your city

PS..he is also known as Icon the Mic King. and ofcourse check out the lovely yarah bravo

kosha dillz is a lovely man who has a heart and jumps when someone makes it pump

Monday, July 07, 2008


yeah so today i seen the essence of man with with hand on cold with awe in front of wife for more kosha dillz yall..

its all about kosha grills..yeah!..sans the paul wall...

(did you guys get that joke...kosha girllz!!..not Jewish girls..spell it different)

So like I said
kosha grills. not kosha dillz...
enjoy the photo shots guys. home depot for life.
Real recognize Real

Where it all goes down

i almost got hit by a car I was so excited...wipe your chins fellas..kosha Grillz is finally here!!

the mother ship of "kosha grillz" is below...see the double cutting board and fridge!
oy vey!

this bad bad bad boy came in a close second...look how sleek it is...with a nice oven too...i love shiny kosha grillz! notice all those knobs!!

you know what they say about kosha grillz...once you go black you never go back:)

Hey... Grillers from Scotland or England (or where ever this dude was from) beg to differ. They like the cutting boards and little fridges. Tough life choices, I know.

going off topic
BTW Darjeeling Limited is an amazing movie about 3 brothers will get a blog for its mastery next. For more info about that cool movie I just mentioned, Hebrew national hot dogs and great ways to eat a burger at 7 am with a new grill from Home Depot, click your kosha mouse on Kosha Dillz

off to bed my loved ones..sleep well until we .....READ AGAIN!!!

moohahahaha!! (evil laugh)

couch surfing in the USA

kosha"party people come on..grey poupon get ya groove on, date chicks break up move on!"-- kosha dillz

anyways...if you are a touring musician or anyone that is looking fora good time, be sure to hit this thing up. I have never used it, because when i am rapping I seem to find people who wish to house me up all the time anyways. On the other hand, i first learned about its capabilities when a bunch of hot chicks in pensacola were talking about it when I managed to score a spot on their couch.

One girl Rebecca proceeded to ask me whether I was from
I replied, "Im too underground for that."

this hot stud puppy above was super nice to rest on. I kinda got two this wonderul humble abode, but i can't realy tell you waht happened publically in that house....ohhhhhhhh yeahhh..boyyyyyy

a couch surfers dream come true! haha. No seriously, I cant break the couch surfer code. If you dont know what that is....well you just don't know than do you!!

For those who arent so street savvy like Kosha Dillz, feel free to sign up for couch

Its a free way to go and get more cool friends on the road and you dont have to let them sleep on your couch. normal people can opt for coffee.

for more coffee talk and cuddling on the couch raps check out Kosha Dillz myspace page

Sunday, July 06, 2008

I bet you wish you were there.-scifentology II tour

yeah this tour was quite crazy. It is fresh to know you just toured with someone who has been featured on MTV2. Yak Ballz has that is! Yeah. Anyways the west coast is super ill and i gained mucho fans, especially in Indio California at La Estancia. i stayed on a killer couch man. I actually met that fool Erasmo in San Antonio at the Count Bass D show with Scooba Gooding Jr. anyways. This was really cool and sometime they report yak Ballz being Jewish although he is of Iranian Descent. I think that's dope since like our countries are gonna go to war and we still go out for bagels sometimes and talk about being rap superstars.

qucik quiz though...

Michael Jew-rdan
Nike- Just jew it

who is that a Jewformation of?

answer below...

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Rock the Pen Festival-Bedstuy Best Buy

Yeah Im sure many of you are all excited for the rock the bells festival, and the fact that almost 10 "130 lbs"" and less acts will be rocking the electro stages while money is being spent on red bull (crap) to dance and not spent on quality CD and shirts like this one above.
Nas will give you a new title. Cool Kids will make you ride your black magged bike across the USA with my homie Naledge taking yall to class with Kidz in the Hall. A giant black man with boots and 6XL tees for the summer named Poison Pen will extend his Jew fros to new limits on stage with Billboard Rza topper Immortal Technique.

Poison Pen displays Revolutionary Brooklyn Music that shall mash pit you out in a dance that reminds me of "tango in the projects." Be sure to get a 6XL size shirt for your grandma's night gown or beach towel at the merch booth. Don't worry girls. He also has love music and smaller sizes in the shirts too. An exclusive mix tape for the Rock the Bells festival that does not feature me on it at all (to much of your surprise) will be available exclusively at each Rock the Bells but unfortunately no photo cover is available at this time. Pen skipped shul that day and well, I guess we missed out. Regardless or not...he kicks serious ________ so make sure to grab up all his stuff at evey show. Until you do that, send him messages below at his myspace about how Jewish that video with Nems makes you feel on the inside.

show him love at

ps. He has an album in stores too called Mark of the East

KILLAH PRIEST and kosha dillz:)

i was searching along the waves of the wu tang corp page where i found myself on one fresh new mixtape that i will put up here for all my fellows to download...if the DILLZ and support killah pirest. He is a legend and this mixtape certainly looks super duper friggity fresh. Give it in between your come down of all the electro hipster stuff you listen too. Beuatiful death will certainly make you smile.

im track #6!!

Just in case some of you haven't seen this...
If it belongs anywhere it's here :

The Offering Hologram ~ By whers.

01. Black 007
02. War & Pestilence Ft. Canibus
03. 2 Offering Cuts ?
04. Through Milleniums
05. I Still Remember Ft. Raw Dogs
06. Beautiful Death Ft. Kosha Dillz
07. Legal Coke 08. Profits Of Man Ft. 60 Second Assassin
09. The Prayer Ft. Tragedy Khadafi, Gabriel Batler, Abio Dun
10. Constant Dreams
11. Galaxy Of Kings Ft. Vendetta Kings
12. Nightfall
13. Angels & Demons Ft. Sick Jacken
14. Criminal Mind Ft. Cappadonna
15. Stained Glass Theory
16. Honor
17. The Offering Freestyle Session Pt. 1
18. The Offering Freestyle Session Pt. 2
19. Ready 2 Ride Freestyle
20. Behind The Stained Glass


Brewed Awakening--wake up and smell the KOSHA

Wake Up and smell the coffee yall. Kosha Dillz hit a Brewed Awakening. This is the spot to hit on main street if you are in metuchen NJ. I'm sure you guys are all Starbucks shotted out but this time its really going down. I know you're wondering about the bang bang that must be on the menu but let me tell you danishes and mocha's are good enough of a reason to roll in. After I boycotted the bagel dish for their bad service and 3 dollar plus everything bagel with cream cheeses'
but how can you complain about this place...not only do they have a fine ol menu of the bomb diggy omelets...but you can also get a $25 dollar voucher for the eats next door by taking a survey. With the Internet that is free, you are able to get three to four days of good comfortable work. Thats right yall. Brewed Awakening is putting all your corny coffee shops to shame. If you are an artist on tour...well ...come see it..Its famous. Even Yak Ballz who recently appeared on MTV2 and the Paid Dues Festival has eaten there and sipped some of their java.
To top it all off...
you can finish most of the mocha and bring it back to your crib to microwave up while you tell all your friends how bomb diggy dilly this place is, while bumping kosha dillz on your myspace ...yeah!
oh it tastes so good...oh it tastes so hood

for more sing alongs with the man himself...check out

Friday, July 04, 2008

JEWS IN ARLINGTON CEMETARY (rapper friends tour DC)

What an amazing place I must say. the Arlington cemetery brought myself and DJ Vallis to remembrance of his fallen comrades in a miles and miles of tombstones. I realized that as a "Cohen" i should not be there."

so lets think that my brother Eilon told me I had to bounce (Cohen are forbidden to walk in cemetery. Once a Cohen dies there is a special area for them because they are high priests) I went out of respect for my DJ who is a 5 time veteran. this is just something ill you have to do...but before that we even seen girl Jews up in Arlington. Story has it that even loved ones who bore the trife of being with their fighters also get respect. As part of the 4Th of July, lets remember that Jews stood up for the America that we live in today. I am proud to be an American by the way. I know that's a controversial hip hop topic.

Let me explain to you how my boy is the #2 hip hop artist in Israel and still has to live in a flat and ride scooter. Gas prices overseas are 7 dollars plus. Freedom of Speech is here and great jobs and education are all over the place. Carpe Diem.
Shout out to Ruth and Howard, and all other pees who have family who fought int he wars of America that gave us this wonderful place called NJ I live in. You guys rule!!

PS./ If you are wondering what the little black and white plastic behind the tombstones is...
those are the recently deceased people who fought for our country and received temporary name plates before their tombstones arrive. After seeing rows and rows of people just buried that same day and the days before..."

i checked out that spot with the quickness and sadness

the indian goddess--she cant be jewish??

word on the street is that were all not sure if you can pull off some sick moves with 8 legs. Other news is that she can be down witht he king (vishnu and ganesh) and totally represent on someslap you in the face dont try to hold my tri or qudar hand.


but im not like that i want to show you how she was healthy first. but she is so cute!!

for more info about amazing baby goddess' on a Jewish level (umm..yeah..not sure this is weird)

i guess visit the same myspace link above as below


hey yeah its me again. I love people who rap and last name end in "illz." Forreal. Good For hip hop. And no its not just the "Dillz." Its the real talk of New York Yo.! Its Sav Killz. Managaed by the legendary J Ronin (yeah you get it in) indepenednce day deserves to know that after our USA gets indepenedence, success is in evitable. You think you might here gun shots, but thats just Sav Killz on track with the likes of West Coast great Planet Aisa to my favorite Queens kat Ali Vegas.
Anyways he is the man so anyone who does it with Ali deserves to get big ol'd post up.

book him here!!

kosha is captured by hairy gorillaz

during the rapperfriends tour we seemed to get carried away. i wanted to show you a picture of this mammal hat attacked me when I hit south of the border. Although he was made in plastic, flex mathews had the idea that it would be great to see a gorilla attack ainnocent Jew in the south. Hashem save me!

check out more pics at...