Tuesday, July 08, 2008

i thought muslims dont smoke

In accordance with the Koran muslims aren't suposed to smoke. I guess we all have our faults. Just ask the president of Iran.

look at the dialogue they have face to face

Gorilla: Before we smoke you Americans and Israel , we will first purchase over $200 million dollars of your ciggarettes!
oh yeah!give me my aircraft carrier so i can destory you! I mean...destroy you! American Coward!!

George Bush: shut up ya big monkey..ciggarettes are bad for ya big monkey oil butt. Mahmoud doesnt it say in the Torah that you cant have ciggarettes?

Ariel Ben Sharon: Oy va Voi! George mapi-tom metum-tam!(Hebrew translation: what are you talking about you idiot) why dont you ever listen! I told you before my coma that Jews read the Torah and Muslims read the Koran!

for other cute comic strips that expose the idiot inside our beloved country who fights so dear for ciggarette sales! check out Kosha Dillz here
and here.

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