Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Are you registered to vote? you might not be...BUT

at this point in time....you might not be registered to vote.
do realize that you can vote in other ways. Supporting a record that is independent can make a what everyone does for a living, into a reality. Reality being a big big big thing. No word can grasp it. But take a look at the video. You don't have to vote republican or democrat.

But you buying an LP will evenutally have one person support you from the ground up, supporting the economy that matters to me most. MUSIC!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

TRUST in music.

today's topic is trust. i advise you all to take a good look at this word while you continue in any of your life endeavors. Trust is something that takes me a long time to build. It can take time and time again. Action after action. Good Deed after good deed.

as a child. You are earning trust of your parents.

"go to bed at 10 pm," Mother says.

"Ok Mom,"
you reply.

They tell you what to do and TRUST you will be obedient.
They tell you what to do you say ok , and they TRUST you.

Consider you go to go to bed next year every night at 10 pm. Then you get allowed an extra hour next year.. That year you go to bed at 11pm every night just like you say you will. They TRUST you. NEXT year the same thing and the year after youre allowed to stay up late and go to bed latest at 1 am.

TRUST from others builds discipline in your character.

Provided one day you meet the wrong kids. You stay out late just once. You end up drinking all night or some other mischievous act and get caught publically my your Mom and Dad.

This now leaves you with no trust!

Why??? You worked so hard, earning trust by going to bed every night on time for years. You only mess up once! And now, that TRUST is taken away.

say they let it slide and it happens once again in two weeks. Add one more to that in a another week.

Now all anyone can remember is that you got into a lot of trruble in three weeks.

In music is sort of the same thing. News and decisions are only current. There is a underlying threshold of time consraints on how people judge you. its all about the last thing you did. If that thing is negative, it may last a whole lot longer.

KEEP DOING GOOD and its never too late to TRUST in yourself. You can start your day over.

L'Shanah Tovah 5769.


Saturday, September 27, 2008

LAST FM and kosha in the am

im very cool top play off words..recently I have been destoryed with many but the good thing is i have managed to hold together dearly two key letterpatterns.


my newest LP with c rayz walz ia able to be previewed right here..

click THIS BUTTON to listen to it.

also shout out to the few peeps who follow me. It must be my charm.
this bog is about the adventures. Rememebr I just traveled the USA backing up YAK BALLZ. hopefully one day soon i ll get back out there.my thoughts int he am are such....

make new music. your music must be better.

thats it! Im gonna go and make some better music now.

wann come?

Monday, September 22, 2008

The Evolution of Fan remix!

click this button to download the remix

this is for the "evolution of fan"
off the new LP Freestyle vs Written

enjoy your listening pleasure...enjoy with your ears on.( those are famous words of rob sonic)

you got your ears on???

Saturday, September 13, 2008

freestyle vs written album release !!! pics and the artists who were there..

SEPTEMBER 10th history was made..

WHAT a cool pic of me on the micro "phone" at the party..thanks to nick and Kendra for the pic..

IM HOPING ITS THE BEST! wait it is!! good album name too...they performed this night...




this guy was there as well!!! www.homeboysandman.com

they were here too..and are crucial in my success.. MODULAR!!

I'm too tired to post more..but you all know yak ballz and roebus one

roebus' tee shirt...man he needs to press these up..I'm gonna do it for him and take a cut..shoot!! i can sell them like today..

and now I'm on tour with this guy...yeah its fun...

cant forget about my homie..grandmas favorite...flex Mathews, a great host. I put him on the train early . I got sick for my friend. its all good..i need rest. But i gotta blog for him..its flex Mathews..superhero!!

and the Jew of the night goes too......


yeah man. This was a good show..grrrrrrrrrrreat show. I was really happy about it. I never thew one. I thought this was what new york needed. A mix with Jersey. A mix with ethnic. A mix with variety and development in the art of music. Each artist has their particular flair and that brings appeal to everyone. I think a great impact was Y love on crowd who never was exposed. many peeps were talking. Roebus brought out lots of fans. Yak ballz has a very insane following. Daily news was shooting.
Pace Won is a legend with MR Green and is very humble and good hip hop friends.

shout out to Poison Pen, Karniege, Suave Sever and the others who came through.

Homeboy Sandman set it off right with airwaves. And best off flex Mathews spoke about Konami up up down down left right left right select start ab ab...

or something like that.( think ab ab select start if I'm not mistaken)

I'm sick now in Hollywood writing this. I'm going back to bed. this is for you guys.

freestyle vs written is a sound track for your life. Sometimes the script is written. Sometimes its on the fly. But no matter what...take care of your self and if the dude above is with you, we end up in the same place...we are all going...to do the right thing.

and go
to the top!!


go to i tunes and type in kosha dillz or freestyle vs written


Thursday, September 11, 2008

a beautiful sight from the aesop rock tour..the 8 day family

here is a great sight of what people were missing!!
well all good got great news to make up for tomorrow...stay tuned for more news int the news!



Monday, September 08, 2008

wow in israel..wowwowowo--little doggy

seems like the heat doesnt stop here..i need to get pics up and its been non stop fun...hw do i get you all the info>>??the pics..

first off...lemme tell you im on itunes now..yeah i tunes...
that makes me famous in a way.


For me its just another masterpiece of the painting..(????) profound i know.)

for now...choocha is keeping me company in Azor israel and is well..just the biggest ankle biter. This little bastard (also means asian in hebrew <--- or asian girl is a choocha)

as you can see..choocha also fits in a bag!!


i have acclaimed her as choocha valdez

she wants you to check out my myspace to and my new album!! freestyle vs written!!