Thursday, January 15, 2009

rest in peace jake--my buddy

so i guess you never knowa gem when you find one...diamondsare found in coal....

in the can get the smut off of gotta get the coal off...

i tookoff my diamondsto findrealgemsin my life..real diamonds...
jake was my friend and a fella who loved to drum, tour, drink coffee hang at diners, bake cookies...hug his friendsand giverides topeople who needed them

and you knowbevicious....funny joke..the cops wouldnthave shothimif they knew how damn grreat his coffee was....i sure drankit every week in metuchen on friday night

read pastthis guys

read pastit...doesnt sound liek my friend!!

Sunday, January 04, 2009

skyzoo and kosha..and more thoughts of life and rambling

ive been reaching out on emails and have been getting all kinds of great pics from emails and old shows and old business cards and old people period.

i wann let you know that im throwing a variety show and what not at SOUTH PAW FEB 11th! and i will be utilizing this blog all the shamelessly plug the shows..

word up...

while your hear check out this song i did for a mixtape overseas:)

with sicknature watchout for this dude..hes realllllly dope