Friday, July 11, 2008

couch surfing preparation

whats up party people. As you know, I am a connoisseur of couch surfing and more of a renegading art of the touring artist specifically i am think of just sleeping on couches anywhere or actually just starting a tv show called "nap anywhere." the gist of it will be on TV getting filmed for 45 seconds napping the weirdest of places. LA , NJ, Walgreen's, banks, job interviews, etc.

anyways...that's another story. But i wanna show you where I warm up..! (note the amazing couch above, with ribbed (pronounced-rib-bed) pillows and soft cushion accompanied by a Autumn floral design. She is wonderful.

*Aba doesn't like me working out over night. This should be noted that if you choose to warm up for your couch surfing please do so in the day time so you DO NOT waste your bed at home.

for more great info on cities where KOSHA DILLZ will be COUCH SURFINGcheck his myspace page at or

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