Monday, August 04, 2008

c rayz walz is the Freestyle

some people know I have an LP with C RAYZ he is with a acting cameo from fellow stronghold member Suave Sever.

Lemme know whats up. Lemme know what you think!!

This is the best freestyle (with agression) he has spit in a long time....!

his new LP with me (kosh adillz) will be available on aug 2th i tunes/oct 14th in stores.


jake said...

I seen this about a week ago and remembered why C-rayz is one of the best off the dome. Im pretty sure hes talking about some real ish too when hes talking about somebody takin locks out his head.

kosha dillz said...

yeah man.;...its all real in the filed with c rayz...

this was a really good of th ebest i have heard from him on camera