Wednesday, August 20, 2008

touring with aesop rock>--o

hey guys i know you want pictures and all but its 4 45 am and im in a remote basement somewhere in maryland. we just rocked philly ct boston And more. Its a great experience so far and I just love the way it settles in a human in this outerbody experience of rap, or as F sean says, avoiding real life.!

all i can say is this as a tip for most of your people, sleeping is a great tool of rest.staying awake isn't.
i got to say that when I have chance ill give pictures but watching none shall pass behind

the philly crowd is an experience that cant be captured on film...'

i guess thats whats up for a recap. Today was fun with chinese food after the show..i was also given 12 knee socks pairs.

you know I might be able to off those in e bay.

but i really need knee socks..


Mike Panic said...

I have your photos from last night... hollar at me.

shabooty said...

tell todd to hurry up with slacking with the pics =)
thogh i guess its hard to do all that shit on the road (uploading and editing pics).


kosha dillz said...

true todd is the ill slacker we xoxo him