Sunday, December 21, 2008

update on updates--marathon?

hey just gonna keep on blogging for now while a update you on how i update...
you will see new gadget and a whole new look of me. you will see lots of tour dates coming through and more cool stuff. I cant wait till my next tour becuase I havea feeling I am touring fora reason other than myself!! I watched a marathon movie yesterday called run fatboy run...and it looks like ...well im the fat boy and I need to runa marathon

i get excited with movies and all..but i seriously need to practice for 26.2 miles...shit ya know...? 26 miles in NYC is pretty far..i hope some of it is downhill...they say there is this waLL...BUT....i dont know what waLL IT CAN BE?
i am a marathon machine.

oh yeah my album is on itunes.

just go to i tunes and type my name...or

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